FINE PROPERTY UK sales division is a thriving department of our business thanks in part to our aim of achieving the best possible price for your property, which we evaluate from extensive resourcing similar properties in that area and the fantastic rates we charge are leading to more and more interest.We believe that, along with numerous other factors, that presentation and marketing are key and we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box to best promote your property. Upon your instruction, we will visit the property prior to marketing it to take high quality photographs, measure up and accurately provide a detailed description in any and all write-up’s used on the variety of marketing portals we use, thus ensuring that potential buyers get an immediate and accurate idea of the property itself and what it can offer them.

Our expertly trained team will be with you on every single step of this journey to guarantee that the process runs as smoothly as possible as well as providing you with whatever information you require, whenever you require it.

Fee for introducing clients to be paid upon completion from 0.75%