Firstly, FINE PROPERTY UK would like to welcome and thank you for contacting and joining our company as you endeavour to find the perfect accommodation.We want you to know that as a perspective tenant, you can be assured that we will do our utmost to provide you with an excellent service to help you find a suitable property and then still be on call when you are moved in.

Additionally, we must inform you that as a perspective tenant, you also have a certain level of responsibility when working alongside us in pursuit of a home, such as informing and providing us with all relevant details regarding your tenancy, such as full names, valid identification etc.

Once your tenancy begins, we are more than happy to provide a full-list of contact details for certain specific areas such as registering with the council, the gas and electricity boards etc and on a managed property, we would automatically take care of all these issues as soon as your tenancy begins. Therefore, we minimise the potential of any problems that may occur open the start of your tenancy.