For new and existing landlords we offer a selection of services that are all designed to relieve you of the pressures and stresses of letting a property (please see the list below), but for a more detailed understanding, we would advise that you contact us directly for an in-depth consultation where we would be able to answer any queries in person.



This service see’s us advertise and market your property through various portals such as Zoopla, Right Move, Gum Tree etc, to find suitable tenants. We would then carry out all referencing on perspective applicants and supply a Tenancy Agreement upon acceptance of both parties.


In addition to the aforementioned service in ‘FIND TENANT’, this service has the addition of us collecting rent when due, per the tenancy agreement, for the duration of said tenancy or until sufficient notice has been provided by the landlord and/or tenant(s) (please see T&C’s).


In addition to the aforementioned services in both ‘FIND TENANT’ and ‘FIND TENANT & RENT COLLECTION’, this service has the addition of the agency undertaking all the everyday issues concerning the tenancy such as maintenance, thus taking away the stress from the landlord, allowing them to concentrate solely on the return from their investment.

HMO MANAGEMENT (Houses of Multiple Occupation):

A speciality of ours at FINE PROPERTY UK, this service see’s us provide management to a property with allocated area’s / rooms to multiple tenants and is fantastic news for landlords looking to maximise the return on their investment. Please do not hesitate to contact us with regards to our amazing fee structure or to discuss / enquire about a potential property that falls under this category.